What People Are Saying

Honored to give and looking forward to all that is in store for Melting Pot.

Heather Grady

The first blacks elected to Congress after the Civil War were Republicans. Rev. Hiram Rhodes Revels was the the first black Senator elected and his peer Joseph Hayne Rainey was the first black elected to the House of Representatives. I’m excited to see the creation of the Conservative Melting Pot PAC, which not only will help grow the GOP by supporting more minority conservative candidates running for office but also remind Americans of the Republican Party’s rich history of inclusion and fighting for civil rights.

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY)

I’m from California and we need your PAC involved in recruiting conservatives candidates across our state. Red tide rising in Los Angeles.

Thomas Marchetti

I support many black conservative organizations to help bring them back to conservative principles of our founding country.

Darrell Gammon

Conservative values should be appealing and inclusive of all Americans, and not a just a copy of the most extreme among us. Bringing black people and other people of color into the fold is the true hope for a successful Republican party of the future. May all my children see a better world by 2040.

Allen Waters

Donate to the Conservative Melting Pot, American !

Steven Guzzon

I trust Crystal Wright so I’m all in and will promote anything she’s involved with.

Les Hughs

100% on board with this!!

Shaun Barber

I hope we emphasize candidates with conservatism based on traditional societal values … ie no religious extremism.

Ronald Reeves

Heard about this PAC being created via @BlackRepublican and thought this was such a great idea! I wish you the greatest success in this venture. Look for my continued support. #StandWithRand #Constitution #BillofRights

Dinora Lopez

I think the word melting pot is right on. The color of our skin, religion or place of birth should never be what dictates our ideas. True melting together needs to be to improve & strengthen a new place for ALL to achieve their real dreams and their children’s dreams.

Sandra Binder

Best of luck with this venture. I’ll never vote for a Democrat, because I’m a conservative with a brain. That said, I’m absolutely fed up with the RNC and other establishment, faux-conservative groups. If conservatives can’t bridge the gap between themselves and others, the country will be sunk.

Scott Meyer